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Learning Tree Of Niger  is enjoying robust support from individual volunteers who commit themselves, their time, and their personal and professional resources to helping improve the lives of  children and they families accross Niger. These very special individuals – people like you, are the lifeblood of Learning Tree Of Niger. Your efforts on our behalf facilitate the critical work we do every day.

We appreciate you and the initiatives you undertake to help give life to our causes. We are always eager to help volunteers achieve their fundraising goals because we believe together, we can do more. Together we can bring about positive change. Together, we are stronger.

“Learning Tree Of Niger Champions” :  can campaign online and in their communities.

They are many ways to help Learning Tree Of Niger

  • you can sponsor a child
  • you can sponsor a teachesr or nurses
  • you can be a advocate
  • you can host supply drive
  • you can support us
  • You can intern with us

To be an Advocate

- Support Learning Tree Of Niger on FACEBOOK by joining our causes

List of needed items

we will need education supplies:

  • books
  • note books
  • backpacks
  • pencils, pens, chalk,erase, ect…..
  • we will need first aid supplies
  • we will need hygiene supplies
  • we will nedd clothes, shoes.

Inter with Us

Education is a child’s right
Every child has the right to an education.
Education transforms lives and breaks the cycle of poverty that traps so many children.
we will do whatever it takes to support a child’s right to education