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LEARNING TREE OF NIGER is a group of volunteers resident in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA that improves the quality of life for needy children in the rural areas of Niger Republic.

Within these communities, we want to use some means to our listings have one day improve the lives of children and their families, particularly little girls. We believe that by joining forces together we are convinced that we can achieve the Goal.

But we can’t do it without your help ( any help) to completely change the lives of the people and give them hope.


Whatever help you may offer and find a way forward in this country, it will be used to make a child happy, and promoted for a better future.

Those donations and gifts of all kinds ( books – shoes – clothes – bags pack – drinking water – drugs – foods – computer – toys – bench tables – note books – school supplies – storms of lamp to enable them to do their duty at night, etc….) will save lives and give hope to live, and smile.

Most children and their parents are hundreds of kilometers away from schools and medical centers

And we all believe that, EDUCATION is a priority against the famine and illiteracy*


Your contribution will help provide educational improvements and support vital development in the rural areas in Niger.
- Learning outcomes are improved and children grow in confidence as they acquire a more positive outlook on life.
Your monthly donation will provide school, lunch, ect.